Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Picking it up again....some Orangey thoughts..

Well, i've had a busy month. Been traipsing down to London a few times on ad related things (a few bouts of work experience), and as such, this blog has been slightly neglected.

So my resolution, now that I have a bit more spare time, is to learn how to use this new fangled blog technology. Seems reasonably straightforward, but I tend to be one of those people who is endlessly fascinated by new technology, only to be disheartened when I discover how difficult it is to sort out.

Anyway, now for a bit of this new technology. Some Youtube footage.. ahem:

So this then (assuming it works)... what do you think about Marcel's new Orange ad? I like the execution a great deal; understated, elegant, and with a brilliant track. The only slight criticism i'd make (and this is true of a lot of mobile phone providers) is that the positioning seems a little ubiquitous (see above).

As it is alluding to Orange's takeover of Wanadoo, and subsequent 'one package' of phone/internet access (a la Talk Talk, but not free - yet), I think it gives the brand a unified voice; far more so than those odd usage options; the racoon/squirrel/duck billed platypus (with the latter being for those who used their phone as a paperweight).

I imagine Fallon were very keen for the work to be out as soon as it could have been, to help correctly reposition the brand.


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