Sunday, November 11, 2007

I like free things...

John's new book.

...but I like smart thinking even more.

Given that I'm currently trying to think about a lot of green issues for a lot of the brands I'm working on, this post was particularly timely.

Greenormal is a great blog. Have a butchers, if you don't already. I really like how John has shed some light on the notion of green thinking, and how it relates to the dichotomy between green and commerce. I can't wait to have a read of the book.

Having a 'green matrix' is a particularly fine idea, and potentially a great framework to use when talking to organisations about how they can update their thinking, behaviour and, subsequently, their communications. (Notice how that came last).

Link to John's post (at least, the first 50 people) if you fancy reading some more on this topic...


Jen, writer Membership Millionaire said...

Green is the way to go. I think 2007 was a great year for green marketing and green lifestyles. People are becoming more and more aware and are actually actively participating in helping this planet heal. The same goes for brands and other large companies out there. Hopefully, the number increases this year and hopefully, we'll have more green breakthroughs.

Felipe said...

For sure green is the way to go, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of having a "greener life",
I think 2008 will be even better for green marketing.

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