Monday, December 11, 2006

Reflections - like your blog are you?

(N.B: This was spawned from the coffe morning with Russell and co/from a conversation with Paul).
After meeting people at these coffee mornings, I was wondering. Are people really like their blogs? Moreover, do you think you've changed since writing your own?
Paul thought that how I was at the coffee morning is how I am in writing. Not sure whether I agree - I was far too quiet in the big group discussions (probably out of respect). From my perspective, Paul was quieter, Richard was happier (Colman slander, I later discovered) and Russell was as I remembered him (I went along to the first coffee morning).
For what it's worth, I think my blog is 'Will-lite', and I'm going to endeavour to fix this over the next few weeks. More camera phone pictures, if I can hook up my phone to this aging PC. I think a lot of it depends on the purpose of the blog; if mine wasn't to offer a peculiar mixture of career-esque musings and posts about hedgehogs, I think it'd focus a lot more on random sartorial thoughts, in much the same way Paul does (ok, I'm kidding...I have no distinguishing socks).
I think Russell Davies's blog is perhaps the purest example of a blog that is its author. Helped, of course, by the pictures of Arthur and posts about anything and everything.
But are blogs inherently more readable when they aren't focused on a topic? I know for a fact that my posts make a lot more sense when I have to justify something as opposed to rambling about what I ate today.
Depends, of course, what you are after. But what does everyone else think?


Paul H. Colman said...

Depends. Depends on the blog and the person. Write about what you feel comfortable with, when people do I think it comes across.

Quietly yours,

Marcus Brown said...

With Paul on this. I think the really clever stuff comes out when you don't try to hard.

I think my blog is the written version on me. I have changed a little since starting it, but not that much. I've always been a fool.

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