Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Returning heroes and the soundtrack to my summer..

The Manic Street Preachers have returned to their roots. About time too.. I liked Lifeblood, but this is power chord/melody driven. It seems all of their London venues have sold out, sadly. Sigh.. still, I saw them a few years ago - it's really worth it.

Listen to a track here:

And buy it here. Damn good stuff. 9/10.

While you are at it, check out my Last.FM to see if I listen to the sort of stuff you like (or some stuff you don't know..even better).


Rob (ad pit) said...

I hope its as good as they say, everything since TIMTTMY has been patchy at best.

Holy bible is still remarkable though.

petar said...

I heard bits of it on the net, here nor there about it....but

the tag sound of summer got me thinking about my fav summer tunes/albums.'specifically when driving with no place to go.

so here is my list of summer albums/songs:

brown sugar ( d'angelo)
born to run ( springsteen)
the chronic (dre dre)
harvest (neil young)
morning glory (oasis)

This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours.....

Will said...

I'd have to say stuff like:

Morning Glory (Oasis - snap)
The Stone Roses/B Sides (Stone Roses)
Bring It On (Gomez)
Siamese Dream (Smashing Pumpkins)
Out of Exile (Audioslave)
Henry's Dream (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

petar said...

cool list... Oasis: nuff' said. stone roses is on my b list (along with the la's, the band and exile on main street).

u should definitly check out born to run.. if you can get the anniversary edition. besides a killer making of, a classic album, it contains a dvd with a concert registration from 1975 in London. You will have a hard time betting aginst the E street Band in a music showdown or street fight with any band in the world, past and present, after seeing this concert.

I might be biased, because of my love for the great state of jersey( besides springsteen and stevie van zandt, they produced tony soprano and sinatra), but this album does deliver raw, pinky and the brain-wanna take over the world- type music and emotion...

and on that note I am of to a meeting about media planning(wich seems somehow boring compared to writing about my fav music, but in actual fact satisfies my inner geek who loves facts and statistics...)cheers

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