Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Turn and face the strain..ch-ch-changes...

Arnie never had to worry about changing. Not in his acting career.

Having posted countless times about this blog's rapidly changing purpose (from online cv, to conversation, to random musings interspliced with conversation), I thought - in a moment of introspection - it'd be a good idea to ponder just what I'd like to change.

Not just in blogging, but in the wider world as well.

A sort of resolution, if you will. And I'd like to ask you (the lurker/reader/blogger/person who just stumbled across the site looking for photos of Herbie) to have a think, and write about your resolutions, or plans for the future (without getting too personal).

It occurs to me that this is like Paul's Let's See What Happens, but sod it - I feel like making some resolutions:

1) Get a job. Rather obvious this one, and fairly self explanatory. Means I can do the things below. All being well, it'll be sorted sooner rather than later.

2) Start doing some creative writing (not just blogging). As an ex English student, I'd dearly dearly love to be published. It's part of the reason why I get so excited about advertising - being able to see something I've contributed to, but hey - I love to write. So why haven't I done it before? Well, simply because I have a tiny, weeny creative ego. So small in fact, that whenever I write something creatively, I dismiss it a few hours later. Well, this must change. I'll get up earlier if I have to. It'll be slow at first, but I'm sure I'll get into it.

3) Play some more organised sport (particularly 5-a-side). Self explanatory this one. I go to the gym a fair bit now, so the next step is to chase after a ball like a headless chicken again, and prove that I can do more than just juggle a football for a little while. Finding a golf course near my flat may also prove to be a bit difficult, but I'll have a scout out.. I was a 17 handicap before getting frustrated with the game.

4) Learn the guitar/piano. No, I haven't decided which one (probably guitar, but there's something cool about being able to sit down and tinkle the ivories).

5) Get better at listening. Bloody difficult, this one. Especially considering that I love to talk far too much (it's the sound of my own voice, honestly). It's not that I don't like listening, it's more that I love to contribute. Can be a bad thing, and easily misconstrued if I'm not careful. So that's going to be improved. NP is my role model. A great listener.

6) Read more random books (and more classics). This is definitely one for when I have more wonga, but it's following Richard's advice. I'm sure this will help me in my profession, and improve my lateral thinking.

7) Do more cultural things (not just the Tate Modern and gigging). Self explanatory. Need cash for this as well, but it's really about not getting into a routine, or closing your mind to other things - and God knows, we can all be closed minded.

8) Keep up my repositionings of brands. Buying a moleskine really helped me do this, as did working alongside Richard.. but I must keep it up, to have a strategy in my pocket for any random question I may be asked. It also keeps me sharp.

9) Take more photos. It's getting better (and I have stacks of pictures not on my Flickr yet), but I must continue doing what I'm doing.

10) Reconnect with some old friends. In this hurly burly of moving to London, I've not been as good as I should have been with some good mates of mine. This must be rectified.

There are others, but they revolve around buying things - a better sound system/Wii/as many CDs as my bank balance allows - and not really about furthering myself or actually improving my life - well, they might...

We'll see how many of these I manage to do in a few months time. Hopefully the first happens soon.

Thoughts, readers? Do you have any resolutions of your own?


lauren said...

i think this is a definite candidate for a dawdl postcard!!
what about travel?

i was thinking about this stuff the other day too! of course my top goal is to get a job. i'd also like to take my writing more seriously.. actually spend more time proof reading it and spell checking, rather than just cobbling it all together. in fact, a post is brewing about it...

tally ho!

Glyn said...

You don't need money to start reading more books: www.readitswapit.co.uk

Nicola said...

I always start thinking about this stuff, but especially when I'm not busy enough with work. I reckon when point one is resolved, the others might dwindle a little bit. I keep planning on getting back into dancing but it never seems to happen. But the positive thoughts about these things are enough for now.

And remember Will we are still only 22...

Stan Lee said...

"buying a moleskine"

We already have more than enough prats doodling away in their ultra hip moleskins in the ad business.

I say the moleskine backlash starts right here, right now!

Will said...

Believe me Stan, I needed a notebook.

Were there any good alternatives?

No - but if there are, I'll have a butchers. Anything to be different from the norm.

Failing that - pimp my moleskine? anyone? anyone?

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