Wednesday, June 13, 2007

6 Blogs that make me think...

Yours truly, astounded by all the thought in the room. Thanks to Sammy.

I've been tagged by Daniel at Adstructure, so I thought I'd write some wibblings about 6 blogs which make me think (no, not 5 - I felt like 6). You should definitely read his blog, if you don't already - a real alternate point of view to the majority of British/American plannery ad blogs out there. Special mentions must go to the Paul Feldwick post. Fascinating stuff.

I'm not going to choose the usual suspects, but instead will focus on those blogs I wasn't aware of until fairly recently:

1) Little Green Dot, written by Freya. Well written, interesting...and it makes you think about the future. That's what good writing and thinking should do, in my view. Especially about green issues.

2) Nicola Davies, written by (shock!) Nicola. One of the few examples of an account handler writing in the blog world today. She's ex VCCP Digital, and is just about to begin work at iCameleon.. she has a passion for all things digital - and writes very well.

3) Punk Planning, written by Charlie 'Allegedly bright' Frith. He's the first linked person I know very well in real life (yes, I do sometimes leave my computer). Having more experience of agency madness, and being ex-HHCL should be reason enough to read his blog - that and he's quite possibly the most inquisitive planner I know - and someone who isn't afraid to debate something if he disagrees with it - a trait we could all use.

4) Plan B, written by Peter Kwong. Another 'real life' friend, Peter works at VCCP, and is a lovely chap. His blog has only just begun, so I'm looking forward to reading what he has to say about all and sundry - his blog post about the PSFK Conference is worth a read.

5) Evidence of a Struggle, written by A Writer. Not much is known this elusive chap, save he (I think) used to be a copywriter. He writes beautifully - I found his blog via Adliterate.

6) Adlads, written by Sam Ismail and Anton. I know both of these gentlemen in real life, and they are both great guys. Sam's recent Saatchi exploits have to be worthy of a mention, and Anton's 'no bullshit' approach gets right to the heart of brands and thinking. Like me, they are 'branding the dream' by documenting their adventures in adland.

So aye. You all get this jpg to pass on to 5 (or 6 if you are obtuse like me) blogs you like:


loulou said...

Where's mine on there eh?

Will said...

I've only got so much love to give....but I've had a look at your blog/commented.. and will probably see you at interesting '07 tomorrow..

Nicola said...

Thank you very much for the mention! There aren't enough of us account handler blogs - you planners are ruling the blogs! But seriously thanks, and although I have been slack this past week with no Internet, I should be back in action in no time...

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