Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Everyone Loves Music (And Podcasts)

There may be violin. I just don't know. Thanks GBST Ron, usual rules apply.

Eh? Don't you?

Well, you can't say that this blog doesn't live to give from time to time.

Yes, it's that time when I bore you with music (or excite you?).

Anyway, happy Wednesday, because here are all of my podcasts for you (including the newest, the 7th):

Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches 1

Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches 2

Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches 3

Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches 4

Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches 5

Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches 6

Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches 7

You can, of course, just scroll down and click on the little men who drum to listen to it from this webpage, if you'd like. But if you want one to take home with you, click on the links. I think there's a limit on the amount of downloads you can make in a day - but hell, surely too much music means you don't appreciate it? Heh.

Also, if you want to know the tracklisting, here it is...(but it is a little like finding out what you got for Christmas, eh?)


FishNChimps said...

funny thing is I download podcasts to escape from music, cos there's seldom any decent talk on the radio, and the tunes are pap.

Will said...

FnC - ah yes, but this is GOOD music. Honest.

And do you really want my witterings recorded?

No, thought not. ;)

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