Saturday, August 04, 2007

What a mug.

Suffice to say, it wasn't as pleasant as this. Photo by Yogi, usual rules apply.

As you may or may not know, I've had a reasonably traumatic last few days. Tweets probably explain things better.

So yes, to say I'm moderately distressed at the moment would be a bit of an understatement. After going for a few drinks/a spot of cheeky networking at Mark's bash (and talking a reasonably large amount of rubbish - it was great fun), I decided to catch a bus home.

Got off, wandered home, down a side street to cut a bit of time off the journey. I don't remember much of what happened next, but I was kicked to the floor and my watch was wrenched from my wrist, £15 and my mobile were taken. No cards were taken, happily. I think the people were just looking for an easy target and for stuff they could sell.

I don't know how long I lay in the street, but I got up and wandered home, getting in at the small hours of the morning.

I then got in touch with the police and 3 mobile (who, despite negative publicity I've been reading, were bloody brilliant). Filed a report (and that was odd as well - you never think it's going to happen to you) and I'm just about to commence talking to my insurance company to try and get cash back for my possessions.

The oddest thing about it all is how much of it I don't remember, and how bits and bobs keep coming back to me. Like how, whilst on the floor, I tried to stop my watch being taken (I've got a lovely set of cuts and bruises on my left hand). And how that watch means so much to, even when incapacitated, I kept thinking about my family traditions and how important those were.

And then you stop and think about things - I could have been bloody killed, or be really really hurt. That all I have is a limp in my left leg (note to anyone I'm meeting this week, I'll try not to be late, but I'm not used to restricted movement), and that I could have been brain damaged or whatever. It doesn't bear thinking about, to be honest with you.

So what've I learned? That my friends and family really look out for me. The number of Facebook messages, calls, tweets and various other things has been amazing. One of my flatmates even came to the police station with me. Thank you all.

I've also realised that the police are brilliant. At least in my area. They are great at covering off the angles and generally getting things done.

I've learned that my health is far more important than any watch, mobile or any possession. It's woken me up to myself. And, yes, I'll get a taxi at 3 in the morning from now on. It was damn stupidity to do otherwise.

Going forward, I think my natural optimism may be irrevocably changed. But that might not be for the worse; not everyone is sweetness and light, and nutters will prey on people they think are easy marks. I'll be more careful, and be a bit more self aware. Also, I have a temporary mobile number for the next few days. Email me if you want it, or check my Facebook page.

On a lighter note - does anyone have a cane? I've always wanted one, and now I can make use of one. At least for the next week or so...heh.


lauren said...

young william, that maternal part of me cannot help but want to fuss annoyingly about you at the minute. let's catch up soon.

the most distressing part about having stuff like this happen to you is the irrevocable paradigm shift that happens so quickly. within an instant, you will never be the same person again, or have the same perspective on life again. and while slow change is a beautiful thing, this kind of experience is traumatic. (and that memory loss thing is called trauma, just in case the cops didn't explain it).

don't forget to be good to yourself over the next couple of weeks and for god's sake, don't go all proud british male on us and pretend that everything's ok when it isn't. in fact it's perfectly ok for you to feel extremely sad, frightened, angry and confused about the whole thing.

and i'm glad you'll be catching a cab home from now on.

JonB said...

I went through a similar experience in NY last summer, only unfortunately some members of the law were on the other side of the coin. Without my cell or the ability to contact anyone for help, you really do feel lost. Lots of luck in your recovery and take it from me, you probably want to take some time off in a couple of weeks with a close friend and make sure you're good to go, the resulting stress and memories can sometimes hurt for a while further down the line. In the meantime, make sure you have time to recover, good friends to talk to and plenty of time to relax. As someone who has gone through this, please feel free to reach out if you need to talk.

Oakie said...

It's good that you are getting better. I am so sorry for the thing that happened.

Best wishes.

Nicola said...

Oh god I'm so sorry to hear that! You must be quite shaken up.

I have been going through the wars myself recently, I keep getting injured. At the moment my arm is in a sling so we would look quite funny next to each other!

Take care...

Georgina said...

Hey Will!

I'm glad you're all right! You never think this can happen to you.
Are you sure you didn't talk to much during the free beers?? just joking.

take care(literally)


dead insect said...

holy crap that is gnarly. bad on the watch - but in fairness it wasn't your fault, so no need for guilt.

peace out dude, stay strong

Rob Mortimer said...

Bloody hell, I somehow missed this.

Hope you are alright, same thing happened to my brother last year.

FishNChimps said...

There's a cane/stick shop just off New Oxford Street. You might be able to get yourself a swordstick there!
I've not been reading, Twittering or Facebooking much recently, so missed this news. Sorry to hear about this and hope you regain full mobility soon.

Daniel Mejia said...

Hey Will, hope you´re better now. I was getting married this weekend, so I haven´t read what happened to you.

It´s a shame that this kind of things happens, but it could be worse. Now, the important thing is that you must stand up again and continue to be the clever chap we have met. Don´t let fear and anger takes over you, it´s like they say: "The show must go on"

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