Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not a load of old cobblers..

Nice boots. But could they be jazzed up a bit?

I've long been a fan of brands which have a real historical factor, and are constantly seeking to innovate. Penguin, Kodak and Guinness, to name but a few.

And I believe Dr Martens fall into this category. As they put it on their site, "No other ‘brand’ has been mutated, customised, fucked up and freaked out like DM’s. Without asking or being able to stop it."

Now, a lot of brands over a certain age try to assert their historical, 'we were first' credentials. And a statement like the one above looks like puffery if you aren't careful. So, it is nice to see them actually walking the walk (not an intentional pun, I promise), and actually giving the masses something to play with.

A contemporary classic is what, I'd imagine, the likes of Converse and Vans are constantly trying to achieve. Where those brands differ from Dr Martens, for me (as an innocent shoe bystander with no real loyalty to any of them, to be honest), is that they aren't regarded as having the ability to last. Dr Martens, as a brand, and as a shoe, can actually make assertions like the one above because I would imagine (in the event of any post apocalyptic landscape) that Doc Martens will still be about. Not quite so convinced by t'others.

Annnyway, all of that waffle leads me to a site which some friends of mine have designed for DM.

Yes, you can make a design for a boot, which will be available in DM shops worldwide, and you'll receive a thousand pounds for your trouble. I like these kind of campaigns. Especially when I'm guaranteed to win the money:

I'm not sure if ANYONE can beat that bad boy, but if you think you could do better, go here..

Nina, Lauren, Tom LR, Ben, Smithy - I expect submissions. With pictures, just like mine..go on. If you are interested, join the Facebook group here.


lauren said...

love it. i don't know if i'll even bother submitting with competition like that will.. ha!
i particularly love the white soles and your signature up the top... brilliant.

tomlewisreynier said...

William - I am pretty sure that I am right in thinking you've got a new job - and for that I congratulate you - well done. You must be very pleased (I hope you are) - and I think you deserve it for the way (so it seems to me) that you have enthusiastically applied yourself to the task. I mean that sincerely. Well done.

Now, about your shoe however - I think it is rubbish. And I mean that sincerely too. I will have a go and I will win.

Will said...

Tom - Yes, I do. Just written about it (

I'm absolutely delighted. Thanks for the kind words.

And as for the shoe - I think it's unparalleled excellence. You and Lauren can take on the might of the shoe...if you can..

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