Sunday, October 28, 2007

Still Here..

I didn't beat the security guard in, sadly.


It's been a few weeks now. So I thought I should write a short missive, before I bugger off to soup/Match of the Day 2.

I have been a busy boy, with quite a few accounts on the go, an inability to remember names/learning how to filter out unnecessary stats (the last bit is taking quite a long time), and just generally worrying that I seem to spend quite a lot of time thinking about things, rather than on the phone, like my account team.

Revisiting the old master.

Still, all's going well. I'm getting to grips with Outlook/meetings and suchlike. I'm also slightly in awe of the account team I sit with, and reminded why I was so rubbish at account handling.

Indeed, I'm learning how to work in a team again, what with all of the different personalities and behaviours. Working as a freelancer really doesn't teach you that, as nice as it is. Of course, those same people can also give you work to do, which is sometimes a bit of a bugger, but ah's a learning process, and I'm trying to get to grips with working on multiple accounts with different priorities.

It's all a bit mind bending, jumping from one strategic problem to the neck. But I'm learning. The next thing will be briefing folk. I'm sure it'll all be good...

All of that said, I wish the Piccadilly line wasn't such a bastard. Bloody tourists. Heh.


Angus said...

Glad it's going well Will.

Ruth said...

Thought I'd check in on you... Glad you're enjoying yourself!

Waldemar said...

good stuff mate! we shall catch up soon.

Rob @ Cynic said...


lauren said...

firstly, take that back about the piccadilly line - i'll not have you drag its name through the mud... especially as i see you choose to use that rather than the rubbish district and/or circle lines!!

secondly, well done love! i'm very proud of you and while i wish you would keep updating us with how it's going, i'm glad that you've got your head down.

now, i hope you're saving up for a trip to melbourne sometime soon, because i'm missing our stupid banter and i can't afford to make it across the ditch any time soon. hugs!

Will said...

Rob...I am alive. Honest. Just very busy. Will email you soon.

Lauren: The Piccadily line is a large amount of shite. Better than the District/Circle lines, but that's like saying drowning is better than stabbing.

Ruth: How's things your end? Shoot me an email..

Wal: Definitely. Next Friday?

loulou said...

This is great ! More sneaky pics of Lowe please!

sexy said...







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