Friday, October 03, 2008

Conflict & Brands..

Get your brand to do this.

It's been a while since I decided to share a few cheeky pearls of wisdom (!) with my wider audience.

And hell, I've decided to share it on the topic of fighting. Yes, having a bloody good scrap. Too much planning is passive, quiet and muted, keen to step quietly into the night.

Great planning (and great brand ideas) are all about conflict. How it's resolved - and how the monster can be slain. Hat tip to Adam Morgan for the thought about Monsters, picked up after going to Wednesday's IPA Fast Strategy conference.

So have a butchers. You might have to view full screen to see some of the smaller type...Let me know what you think:

Conflict & Brands
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Jon Burg said...

great branding is about more than the synthesis of difficult ideas to drive fresh perspective, it is about remarkable promises, positioning and fulfillment.

Often, this remarkability comes from the synthesis of two seemingly contradictory ideas into a strong brand promise, but this is not necessary in the development of this position.

I would like to see this system used to break down a broader array of brands (Nike, Red Bull, Zappos to name a few) before committing to the proposed lens through which successful brands activate the world.

Tim said...

Hi mate, nice deck. The good thing about online dialogue now of course is if brands are monitoring the conversations, they can be picking up the cultural tensions that they didn't realise exist concerning their brand, far easier than ever before.

Will said...


Promises and fulfillment, in my mind, are more CRM/POS requirements - if the brand's positioning makes these promises explicit, then it's up to those to deliver above all.

I've always approached great companies and great branding from a 'promise out' perspective.

Tim: Yep. It's just a pity that oh so many brands regard online as 'just another metric' or department, rather than a mindset, unwilling to use the web for that purpose for the most part, which is a shame. Though things are (slowly) changing..

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