Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two videos.. via Marta Crowe

It's a funny thing, the t'terweb. Leave it alone for a little while, and it suddenly sneaks up on you and updates thousands and thousands of RSS feeds. Cheeky.

Anyway, I've been alerted to two highly amusing videos. One of which is intentionally hilarious. The other that isn't (and is curiously like a Eurovision entrance).

See if you can figure out which is which. The first is just off a linky. Click and see. T'other is just below:

So so funny, eh? In case you hadn't figured out which I thought was just a little bit sad (though comedic), it was the agency themed one. Why oh why do agencies do this sort of thing, eh? There's so much interesting stuff they could show and share with the general public barring their output, but they choose not to.

Christ knows you could use a good agency video to sell the agency rather than some tired PowerPoint preso. It's just a shame some people believe this has to involve *shudders* singing.

(Before you ask - no, I'm not singing a song in honour of our Frank).


Nick said...

It's genius in its awkwardness :)

Anonymous said...

it felt like i was watching a musical episode of the office.

haze said...

So Will, why do you think they did it?

Surely, SURELY they knew the kind of reaction they'd get. Agency folk, generally are pretty on the ball.

I've spent the last 3 minutes thinking about this, and I can't come up with anything.

Will said...

Why they did it?

Well, simply because agency folk have a love of the big red button. If something CAN be attempted, it usually will be.

Like Scamp's blog states, i'm sure it was at an internal meeting where the senior cheese backed it. Then everyone couldn't back out.

sandrine said...

On a similar register (but this is really less creepy than the Ogilvy Athens video!), a French social media agency created a website called "OfficeLipDub" over a year ago. And quite a few digital/social media agencies in France first, then from everywhere have been playing the lipdub game. It's been really well received in France actually.
Have a look :
What do you think ? Quite funny I think...

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