Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bullshit Bingo and the web..

It happens. Oh yes. Click to see more. Thanks to Saltation. Usual rules etc.

Everybody surely knows about bullshit bingo by now. All of those silly words which somehow manage to find their way into common parlance. Words like 'drill down' to take a 'helicopter view' (actually makes a degree of sense, but is damned odd) have found their way into speech.

God knows, I found myself saying I should look at a brief to 'sense check' it the other day. I think i'm losing the plot a little.

That said, I think when anyone's talking about the web, it gets infinitely worse (and I'm just as culpable as most when doing this). It also gets infinitely worse when people are in the presence of clients - in an attempt to justify the fee, maybe? - using the word crowdsourcing in polite society may well deserve a mild flogging.

Photo via Barry_Adams. Usual rules apply.

These aren't even the best ones. Which terrible examples have you witnessed at work?


Amelia said...

damn, i am so well and truly and utter web2 bingo bullshite winner!! do i get a prize???

Will said...

Haha, it is a little general, isn't it?

As for a prize...mmm, don't know. Coffee soon though? I'm around late Nov if you fancy upping your caffeine intake around then.

Creator said...

Oh come on, you know you use it too!

You gathered here with your blog a community that reads you every day on RSS. The wisdom of the crowd will take you to the next-gen social media (some call it web 3.0) where the co-creation and the user-generated content will manage to take you through the dip of the long tail of advertising sites...

Oh, you forgot to mention the term "blogosphere". I love it.

Will said...

Creator: Oh, hell yeah. I'm just as culpable as anyone.

I think that list could definitely be expanded to include a few other terms...infovore is a favourite of mine.

Tom said...

I think your telling Amelia that you are 'around in late Nov' should earn you a beating.

Will said...


Being pleasant over the net shouldn't result in a beating. If I as behaving like a keyboard warrior... fair enough. :)

haze said...

Should being pleasant over the net earn you a beating?


Should organizing social meetings/sending personal messages via public blog comments earn you a beating?

Hell farking yes! (even though I've been guilty from time to time).

Will said...'ve got me. Bugger. Though it *is* my blog.

Other people's though, definitely..

Willem said...

I even showed the BS Bingo to a client after they asked about interesting gambling/bingo related things out there. ;o)

I'm sure I have a good bunch of them, though not necessarily all web 2.0:

Globile, glocal, the famous 'talkability', mediatise, the talking web, distributed content or distribution - actually content by itself, ROI - Return on Interaction - as well as the know well known 'Return on Engagement', influencers, viral, etc.

As in:
'So with the use of social media, we can target the Net-Gen influencers within their online communities and with the appropriate content create a viral effect causing the campaign to be distributed on a glocalised level. Then using the 1 to 10 to 100 interaction ratio in relation to user generated content we can effectively measure the Return on Engagement...'

I think I have a headache now. Pretty good one though, maybe I should learn it by heart and try to place it in a meeting ;o)

Anonymous said...

Textbook post mate. I had to introduce a squad rotation system for the number '360'... At the minute 'integrated' has taken a seat on the bench after being replaced by 'holistic'... it's certainly 'hit the back of the net' a few times. Old Gordy wrote a nice post too about marketing bullshit here;

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Chino Moreno said...

Seriously? BS Bingo?? haha I never though such thing existed (most especially in wikipedia) Anyway, glad I learned about this BS! ahaha
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