Friday, November 28, 2008

A little rugby viral action for you all..

Back when we could play the game. Picture via BombDog. Usual rules apply.

Short and sweet post, this one. We've put together a viral for the RFU, which talks about the Oxford and Cambridge varsity match. I think Dan and Mark will find this funny.

Taking famous historical characters who (may) have turned out for their rugby teams, below is the result. It's a bit of fun. Made me smile, anyway...

Nice work Ben & Seb, our newest creative team.


Seb said...

mate, sorry but lovely lauren got me into one of those meme-things and I couldn't resist and had to tag you. but you'll get some fine german sausage specialties in return. ha.

Jam said...

Lovely, funny, totally rewatchable. I could definitely see myself sending it on!

Tom said...

Not wishing to state the obvious William...

And where the fuck's Coleridge ?

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