Friday, November 28, 2008

A little rugby viral action for you all..

Back when we could play the game. Picture via BombDog. Usual rules apply.

Short and sweet post, this one. We've put together a viral for the RFU, which talks about the Oxford and Cambridge varsity match. I think Dan and Mark will find this funny.

Taking famous historical characters who (may) have turned out for their rugby teams, below is the result. It's a bit of fun. Made me smile, anyway...

Nice work Ben & Seb, our newest creative team.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bullshit Bingo and the web..

It happens. Oh yes. Click to see more. Thanks to Saltation. Usual rules etc.

Everybody surely knows about bullshit bingo by now. All of those silly words which somehow manage to find their way into common parlance. Words like 'drill down' to take a 'helicopter view' (actually makes a degree of sense, but is damned odd) have found their way into speech.

God knows, I found myself saying I should look at a brief to 'sense check' it the other day. I think i'm losing the plot a little.

That said, I think when anyone's talking about the web, it gets infinitely worse (and I'm just as culpable as most when doing this). It also gets infinitely worse when people are in the presence of clients - in an attempt to justify the fee, maybe? - using the word crowdsourcing in polite society may well deserve a mild flogging.

Photo via Barry_Adams. Usual rules apply.

These aren't even the best ones. Which terrible examples have you witnessed at work?
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