Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Keep it simple, stupid..

Firstly, check out the sidebar; I've finally added an amended version of the presentation I gave way back in August. Quite a bit of it was lost when my USB stick died, but there is the amended version. Also updated my CV, if anyone's interested.

Right, to the point. Watch this:

Hopefully that worked... it's been a while.

Now, are you a fan of this execution? I like it, but not so much as the previous Bravia spot. Pretty much what Scamp thinks to be honest. Now, why should that be? I mean, it's got the same myriad of colours, the same sense of joie de vivre as the why don't I like this one as much?

Well, barring all the hype/that the original is probably the only ad in the last five years to actually stop me in my tracks, I think it's because of simplicity. Allow me to explain.

I think the best ideas are those which don't seem forced. To my (slightly odd) way of thinking, the idea of people chucking a load of balls down a street doesn't seem that peculiar. It's a 'wouldn't that be interesting' idea with a brilliant execution. I'm still not entirely convinced by the way the end line tags on to the back of the ad, as Richard Huntingdon discusses, but as a piece of mesmerising entertainment, with the music, post-production and...erm, 'bounciness working in harmony, its had me hooked.

So what does the latter possess? Another 'wouldn't that be interesting' idea, but a bit more filmic. The post-production doesn't capivate me, and the song is generic. Unsure what I'd have set that ad to, but considering the former's brilliant choice of music, I was a little let down.

It seems like a cross between a Jerry Bruckheimer production and a game of dominos, appearing very intricate and thought out (barring the clown). Balls seems like someone said 'yeah, let's do it' and did it for a laugh (and yes, I know that it took bloody ages to set up and film as well).

As ever, rationalising advertising is difficult; but one thing is for sure - both are better than 98% of ads out there at the moment, and hats off for the client sell in both occasions.

Further debate can be found on Faris's blog, and I'm sure on the ad-pit at some point.

I think I'll come back to this overall thought a little later; hell, my favourite ad continues to be one of the simplest - 'Jordan' from AMV's Economist work.
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