Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Final Thought (before my holiday starts)

I'm not eschewing research (on the contrary, you can mine some great insights from it), but overly rely on it and you'll have no idea how to achieve that wonderful magic that communications is founded on.

Unless the comms answer is bloody obvious, of course. Which it rarely is/should ever be.

To extend the aphorism - you can know you won't get pissed on today, but will you need that umbrella tomorrow?

Any thoughts, readers?

*And on that note, I'll see you guys in two weeks time.


Kirsty said...

No valuable build here, just congratulations on linking golden showers to research.

Oh, and the fact that I guess it depends on what we define as research...

Have a great trip.

Marcus Brown said...

Where are you going? What's going on here?

Will said...

Marcus - I'm in Alabama/Louisiana for two weeks, visiting a friend here.

Kirsty - yeah, it does depend on what you call research. Still like the thought mind (though hadn't linked it to golden showers BEFORE reading your post.. heh).

mediawasp said...

Well said. As true as true can be. Enjoy your holiday.

Amelia said...

David Ogilvy: Too many people use research the way a drunk uses a lamp post – for support rather than illumination

Baba said...

Cant you forecast the weather?

Will said...

Baba - yeah, you can forecast it; but it's not always wholly accurate.

Rather like certain trend spotters some agencies employ - I think it's a little bit of a white elephant.

I think the weather analogy works well in the UK, at any rate; especially given the weather we've had recently.

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