Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm moving...OR...City living well it ain't for most, and that's a fact not an empty boast..

Well, I'm about to do it. About to fly the coop, settle in pastures new and leave the glorious countryside behind for the big smoke.

And I've not got the slightest idea of how this whole 'moving' business works. However, I do have two friends coming to London with me, coming to seek our fortunes like some band of nineteenth century ragamuffins.

These miscreants will be coming with me:

So yes, it should be good fun... at least before it turns into some bitter, Peep Show esque 'land baron' argument.

Anyone got any tips/advice for moving down? I know about Gumtree... NABs? Any other places? I'd like to try for Zone 2 at a reasonable standard of living (and that's saying something, because I'll be the tidy one).

Getting used to all the big buildings and fast pace will be the biggest challenge. Only used to Worcester, and its gentle Midlands ways.


Marcus Brown said...

Have you got a job? HAVE YOU GOT A JOB? Do tell.

Will said...

Marcus - provide me with your email address and I'll explain..

Either that or shoot '' a line.

Marcus Brown said...

email sent young man.

Marcus Brown said...

oh, I see. Scoop now knows stuff people. Scoop knows.

Kirsty said...

Tell me what I'm up to then Scoop, if you're so good....

Good for you Will, that's great.

Marcus Brown said...

scoop never reveals his sources. ever.

Alice in Adland said...

hi will. great blog you got here. thanks for the comment on ours. and good luck on moving to london. ana

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