Thursday, March 29, 2007

Campaign Fame and an Announcement...

Campaign have taken it upon themselves to publish my article. Which is nice.

Taking umbridge with Mr Bullmore, it's just about how blogging helped me out. So, I guess, now is as good a time as any to reveal my (badly kept) secret.

I work here as a Junior Planner. Have been for almost a month now.

It's been good fun.

Most importantly though, I guess I'll have to start a new blog now (but not quite yet, as I am poor/lazy to switch to typepad).

I will still keep this site running and so on - it will act as a forum for any juniors looking to break into the industry.


Cynical Rob said...

Good on you my son ... you must be on cloud 9!

Marcus Brown said...

This is excellent. Very, very happy about this. Well done.

Amelia said...

Good stuff Will!

Add the document though as I think that you need to be a subscriber and have a password to access the site

Doug said...

good work mate, chuffed for you. and agree with it all too.

but why start a new blog? embrace the fame!!

Kirsty said...

That's great, well done. I knew you got something, with a Richard, but wasn't sure where it was. Congrats.

Will said...

Doug - maybe I won't move. I don't know.. having spent more money than I care to think furnishing my house (doh), I can't really justify typepad fees.

As for signing up to Esnips... you can view the whole doc by clicking on the picture to enlarge it.

It's a good host/doesn't cost anything - a gig of free space.

np said...

About bloody time and not more than you deserve. Very well done.

Keep this blog though, maybe evolve the name.

Helen said...

Hurrah - well done!

At somepoint I would be interested to hear how you're finding it vs what you imagined it would be like when you started this blog.

Rob (Famous) said...

Well done!
Nice letter too.

Mrs Belmot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BR team said...

Hi Will, thought you'd like to see this post by one of our forum regulars.

Cheers, BR team

TomLR said...

After Russell Davies came in "off the ropes", Humphrey has "tagged in" and given Bullmore's opinion (duck) a MASSIVE clothes-line, sending it crashing to the mat.

Is this REALLY curtains for the Hulk Hogan of advertising?

Brilliant. Is Jeremy Bullmore that old looking dude with his hands cupped under his chin in Campaign ?

Imagine Russell and Will tag teaming, an 'off the ropes' from Russell followed by a 'Clothes Line' from Will - and with HIS delicate hands, too.

Dan (are you listening ?) Are we allowed to talk about Kendo ?

Ben said...

Nice one. Well done.

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