Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I would like a shiny Mac. But they are SO expensive.

I would quite like a Mac, principally because of Keynote.

Look at those sexy charts. Pure Planning Pornography. And you can do all kinds of strange and wonderful things with that app.

And, perhaps even better than that, I can now run Windows (still the O/S of the Gods), take advantage of the many free WiFi spots and generally dance the dance of life.

But the cost. Oh, the cost.

No variation either. I guess that's how Apple started a Mac religion - charge a price premium and people will always claim they've done well and bought the right thing.

And, don't worry - the PC at home will run games. I haven't gone fucking insane - and the Mac will have to have a two or three button mouse. Not one of these crappy one button jobs.


Geoff_Livingston said...

They are pretty sweet. Bu like you, I can't handle the pricing.

Will said...

Mmm.. I think I will crack and buy one though (when the new OS is released).

I still love my PC though. No Mac vs PC wars here.

Like the blog, btw.

matthew.furlong@gmail.com said...

Will, it is all about the Mac's and not just Keynote, which is awesome, i have a gem for you: "garage band"!
join the Mac love...and they dont cost that much, they are just not as cheap as stooooooopid Dell's...thats all!
Plus they look fab!

Will said...

The Mac is great. But... I still like my PC desktop.

And what's up with that one button mouse?

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