Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coffee Morning Anyone?

How I like the stuff.

Just thought I should point out to any readers of mine - I'm hosting a monthly coffee morning because I miss the chat of the last lot which Russell began.

The first is taking place at Lantana on Friday 13th (eek) of February. Their lovely blog is here, Scrambling Eggs. You can find out more details about it on the Facebook event page, or on the general Coffee Morning group.

It'd be good to see you there. It may get a bit plannerly, but hey - that's not always a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

can i come purely to gloat about our superb 3-1 over Stoke?

Will said...

You and the rest of my agency. ;)

But yes, come along..

Anonymous said...

Not sure about this Friday 13th malarky, but I'll try and pop along...

Anonymous said...

Count me in :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to that twestival the night before so I might actually be up for some morning coffee action... if students are invited?

Anonymous said...

gonna try dude.

Will said...

Nic - Ah, go on. Fuck superstition... ;)

Tom - all are welcome. Come along.

Doug - be good to see you there; I expect W&K esque trendy trainers and Shoreditch glasses, naturally.

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