Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Banksy Brand..

Well, after an interesting discussion about brand devotees, I noticed a post on Russell's planner ziki from a chap called Ross Cidlowski, who runs this blog, which is excellent.
According to Ross's post, Banksy has released a load of his unreleased prints of his website, encouraging everyone to print them off at work on company paper (natch).
Drawing the two discussions together, what what would you classify Banksy as? For what it's worth, I think he harks back to a comment discussion MM and I had here. He's a brand onto himself; and I think greater credence can be given to this view as he's effectively anonymous. We can't attach anything that's real to him, barring his content.
What would you think he looks like? I think he's probably a lot older than we all think. Perhaps a renegade graphic designer, on the run from Pentagram.
It's this mythology which adds such a degree of charm to something. Perhaps why you can't get brand evangelists to easily come on TV without looking like used car salesmen. Put a face to something and it loses its edge.
Perhaps why, as Russell has just pointed out, Monkey is making a comeback. Everyone loves advertising characters (but damn well hate Jamie Oliver).
It's why I think having a blog creates a brand for a person - from reading this, you'll get some sort of perception about me, which I'm sure will change if you ever met me.
On that note, come along to Russell's coffee morning tomorrow if you fancy finding out or just want to meet some smart and interesting people (albeit without the love for Stoke City).


Ross Cidlowski said...


Thank you for the link and kind words about my blog. Much appreciated. I have a confession to make that i read your blog as well. Will try to be more vocal in the future. Please keep up the good work.



pharmacy said...

where did you get bansky prints? I'm so curious about this stuff!

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