Saturday, January 13, 2007

Musings on London..

Well, on my trip to London for the most recent interview and to go to Russell's latest coffee morning, I had all manner of interesting conversations with all sorts of people.

It was truly chock-full of bright and intelligent folks, with conversation topics ranging from meeting Steve Henry next week (best of luck with that - shoot me an email and let me know how you get on), to what not to say in an interview (going off on a massive tirade/complimenting ladies on their tops is apparently not best advised), critiques of what I was going to say in the aforementioned interview (thanks very much Jess - by the way, the magazine - Contagious - that she writes for is excellent, check out the link) and a bit of musing on the differences between old school account handling and new-age planning.

One interesting topic that came up with Russell and Jess was that of London geography. Now, not being a Londoner myself - just a humble denizen of Worcestershire at this stage - it was fascinating to learn about the city. For example: What resides at St Giles's Circus?

Centre Point, according to Russell. Learning about the Blue Points in Soho was also fascinating. I think I'm going to have to purchase Peter Ackroyd's book on London. Anyway, here are a few snaps of my journey down - featuring a little Regent St and some Berkeley Square - sadly no coffee morning shots. I'll leave those to Russell's post.

I'm also going to write about some of the topics discussed in my interview - I'd be really appreciative if the blogsphere felt like chiming in.


Helen said...

If you're down in London again before March 4th, you should get yourself down the the British Library to see London: A life in maps.

I'm going tomorrow, having finally found someone to go with.

Will said...


I am going to be in London tomorrow, as it happens.

Any thoughts/feedback from your visit?

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