Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Podcasting nonsense/Oh No..Cucumber Sandwiches!

Well, Meme Huffer's podcast 'Sleazy Listening' made my mind up. It was time for a spot o' podcastery myself. Please find my first effort in the sidebar, entitled 'Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches'.
Don't ask me why, but hey.... the music itself is a random mixture of all sorts of things. Next week's (or however long it takes me to make another) will undoubtedly feature just as much frippery.
I was tempted to speak into my microphone, but I'll let you all imagine what I sound like (unless I get bored and do so next week).
If you are lazy, and can't be arsed to scroll down, download it from here.


Jason Lonsdale said...

That's one extremely eclectic mix! Nice work.

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