Thursday, January 04, 2007

Music! Music for you!

Well, faithful readers (whomever you may be - I've even managed to have someone from the Guardian read this site.. don't quite know how) I'm spoiling you today. First of all there are 2 whole posts, but.. even better than that, one contains music.
Inspired by Beeker's new site, I've decided to post a track/a couple of tracks each week that I'm enjoying. So click the mystery links and savour the musical flavour (it's in the sidebar under 'Weekly music'
I've also added my Flickr, for any nutters who want to know what I *really* look like (no, I'm not the ginger one with the beard) or anyone who enjoys random photos of cats - the best animals (sorry Paul).
And to finish off the adding, I've put some more blogs in the sidebar. In addition to ones I've already mentioned, go and see Coloured Glass (aka Nicholai's blog) and Dan Germain's blog. They are both excellent.


Daniel M. said...

Hey Will, thanks for the link, I trully appreciate it. There's only one problem, it seems that you mixed the links with the ad-pit blog. Oh, and by the way... great pieces of music you have there, congrats.

Will said...


I am a pillock. I've updated it again (Doh). Not blogging late in the evening is probably a good idea.

FishNChimps said...

I recently downloaded Nick Cave's Abattoir Blues from eMusic. Didn't know much about him other than that peculiar Kylie collaboration and the Pogues connection, but the album's a cracker.

Will said...

The second album of the double album (the Lyre of Orpheus) is also bloody good. A bit slower, but very good imo.

Cave live is also a treat; he's releasing a live DVD of the Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus tour. Should be great.

Lebowski said...

Will, do you like The Birthday Party too?

Will said...

Lebowski - Yeah, some of it. Not so keen on his collaborations with Lydia Lunch, but stuff like Big Jesus Trashcan is good, and Release The Bats.

He's doing a solo project called 'Grinderman' which sounds a lot like the Birthday Party - they've got a MySpace page, which can be found here:

No Pussy Blues makes me smile.

Lebowski said...

I really like Birthday Party.

And I would love to have 'Release the Bats' as a brand's endline. Imagine: 'BMW. Release the bats' or 'Heineken. Release the bats' or 'Vauxhall. Release the bats'.

Well, you get the picture. It would be brilliant.

Will said...

How about some COI work using some of the lyrics to Release the Bats?

Sex Horror! Vampire! BITE! ARGH!

I think Audi would benefit from some Release the Bats treatment, or perhaps something like Harpic toilet cleaner.

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