Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A friend in need is a friend indeed.. a friend with uh.. better..

Blogs are great things. I become more and more convinced about this with each day.
Sure, I've not managed to meet another Stoke City fan (Jim Thornton, are you reading this?), but the range of interesting people I meet because of the blog increases daily.
In fact, the purpose of this post is just to say how much I'm looking forward to the meal I'm going for at St John with Lebowski, Angus, Beeker, Meme Huffer and Paul (also, drinks afterwards, if anyone else is keen - give me a bell - number's on the CV).
Unsure whether I'll try the most random thing on the menu (that honour, I think, will go to Lebowski or Angus), but we'll see.
This is why blogs are great - do I engage in this way with any other communications medium with total strangers? No, none, not unless I want some random encounters.
It's this medium which has such great potential, if it can be harnessed correctly. Yes, it can even get me eating offal.
Also, I promise I'm not as strange as Lebowski; though if he does the answer dancer at any point, I think he needs a drink bought for him.


Angus Whines said...

I'm very much looking forward to it too, just about to send an email around. I should warn you at this point that I'm a girl, and Angus is my surname, in case you didn't know....

Will said...


Yeah, I caught that. I'm occasionally slow on the uptake, but not in this instance - looking forward to discussing music with you.

Marcus Brown said...

You behave yourself now William.

Will said...

Macus.. I will, don't you worry. No drunken misbehaviour will occur (I think).

How goes the name change?

Marcus Brown said...

no time, no time. Must silence lamb.

Amelia said...

How was the dinner Will?

Will said...

Amelia - It was very good fun. Angus has a write up of it on her site.

Topics of conversation included the meat polling, Macus's proposed name change, planning, offal and other such random things, most of which came under urban's remit.

And the drinks afterwards were fun; I think Angus is still suffering. Lebowski loves his shots.

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