Thursday, April 05, 2007

Arrogance is a gift?

Consider the following quote:

"If you are on thin ice, you may as well dance".

Not something I'd recommend, but hey. The point of the picture of Mr Mourinho and that quote is that they both denote a certain swagger, a divisiveness which can lead to people either loving or loathing you.

It's something I've noticed before - Hell, for a planner, I'm pretty bloody talkative, which is unusual in itself.

Worries about arrogance extended to when I was doing my (English) degree, where the vast majority of participants tended to be female.. and women who (for the most part) were a) brighter than me and b) quieter than me.

So no, I don't think I'm arrogant. I just talk a lot. And a lot. And a lot. Sometimes repetition creeps in as a result. As a result. Writing usually helps me cut this off at the knees.

And, of course, the argument goes, given my current position, I should shut the fuck up and get on with being humble and apprenticing myself to some of the best minds in the business.

I intend to do the middle one and the latter - I'm humble to those who are planners naturally in this industry, because they know more than I do about life, the universe and everything. But I'll still speak up if I have to, even in interviews.

It'd be pretty piss poor if they hired me and I was a sanitised version of myself. No chance. I'm not quite Rob's angry belief, but I can be opinionated, certainly.

And speaking up (when it's considered and the right time) should be a blessing - if it stops shit ads and comms, definitely. I can't be any other way.


Marcus Brown said...

I'm hamster dancing. On ice.

Michael Barrett said...

You talk a lot? I never noticed... ;-) Good to meet you last night - we need to catch up again to take the Mills & Boons for planners idea further. And all the best with the job hunting.

helen said...

You make yourself sound like Tre, the contestant on the current series of The Apprentice here.

He's currently being set up as the series villain, but is the only one thats shown any spark of personality so far.

neilperkin said...

Nice to meet you in the flesh last night Will. You do talk a lot but it's all interesting (at least while I was there it was).

David said...

Never heard you talk... so I can't really comment on the amount of talking, or excessiveness thereof, that you do.
But shit, if you talk like you write than I'm all ears.
You give us English Majors a good rap!

Amelia said...

Sorry to have missed you at the beer night out last week - see you Thursday I hope!

TomLR said...

Bloody hell you're busy drinking aren't you Will ?

Rob @ Cynic said...

Arrogance is when you don't appreciate, acknowledge or consider someone elses view.

Opinion is when you don't use facts [or a broad enough base of information] to back up your view.

Ignorance - especially in planning - is when both the above traits are used.

The secret to success is all down to the 'tone' ... remember that and you'll be able to make a difference very few people / agencies can ever dream of doing.

Good luck mate ...

Will said...

Michael - Did you email Richard? My own job hunting is proving to be an interesting adventure.

Helen - Having only just last night watched The Apprentice, I'd say Tre and I have SOME characteristics. I'm probably not as dominating..

Neil - Lovely to meet you too. We must do something again soon. Shoot me an email..

David - How's it going with my suggestions about the potential trip across the pond?

Amelia - Yep, see you at 4.

Tom - Yes, I have been. Calming down now though.

Rob - Bloody good advice mate. I try to be ballsy and not too flimsy (though sometimes it slips through in the hurry to get ideas out).

Paul H. Colman said...

I've always thought of you as the Mourinho of blogging, you're so like him it's scary.

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