Thursday, April 26, 2007

Obligatory Music Post..(with some Batman)

Right then.

No planningy thoughts in this post. It's unabashedly about music.

This may, of course, influence my chances of getting a job at one of London's achingly cool boutique agencies. But fuck that - onward with the reviews.

Up first is the Arctic Monkeys' new album 'Favourite Worst Nightmare'. Yes, the album everyone has been wanking on about since the last one and the EP in the middle.

Honestly - it is better than the first album, in a purely album sense; by that, I mean that it works better together than the first one, but probably has less obvious singles on it. 'Brianstorm', 'Old Yellow Bricks' 'Fluorescent Adolescent' and '505' should be/are singles, but the whole first album could pretty much have been singles.

It's also a lot more of a grower than the first album, with less wordplay and better music - especially the drumming. Listen to the first single, and see what you think:

Anyway, the album gets 7.5/10 from me.

Onto the next one:

Yes, it's The Jam's 'Setting Sons'.

Now, I wasn't much of a Jam fan. I knew the singles, sure - thought they were ok. But no albums before this one.

Now, I happened upon a live recording of 'Eton Rifles', one of the singles from Setting Sons. Watch it below (the camera work is a bit shoddy):

Fucking brilliant, eh? Now, imagine an album which is half a concept album (focusing on 3 friends who lose touch, with Eton Rifles being one of the songs) and sprinkle in a few more tunes - because Weller couldn't write quickly - and you have Setting Sons.

Lots of different styles. And each one is damn brilliant. This album may well get into my top 10 in time (check it out on the Slideshare presentation).

So yes, 9/10 from me.

Last one:

Quantic Soul Orchestra's album 'Pushin' On'. An unexpected purchase this one, but I always like to try and get something like it on the go - sometimes random album purchases can be the best (or worst) things you buy, especially when it's on the strength of one song.

Which can be found below:

It's great, eh? The rest of the album is bloody good as well. Especially the cover of 'Feelin' Good'. Such a funky album - and it managed to fuck up London's best independent record store in Soho.. who didn't have a copy in stock..

Anyway - 8/10 for that one. May rise in time.

Oh, and I've also bought the Grinderman album (entitled 'Grinderman') and the new Idlewild album ('Make Another World'). Both get a solid 8/10 score. And the Idlewild gig I went to would be a 9/10.. the first and last time I'm going to Hammersmith Palais.. sob..

Finally, something funny for reading this far:

Check the blog out. Makes me smile.


lauren said...

I just bought tickets to see the arctic monkeys in wales. this should be fun!

Will said...

Lauren; I'm envious. I'd like to see them....but what I'd like even more would be to see NIN/Smashing Pumpkins on the Sunday of Reading..

jasonlonsdale said...

That QSO track rocks! There's a tasty bootleg of that vocal over Mark Ronson's "Ooh Wee"... sounds super-tight (I'll send it to ya once I rip it from the vinyl.. or have a poke around on p2p sites -it's called 'Pushin' Ronson')

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