Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stoke City's Plight.. and Visual DNA..

Look at this.

Yes, the mighty Potters (that's Stoke, just in case you weren't sure) have just beaten Colchester 3-1, and are on the verge of getting into the playoffs. Tied with Southampton, with identical goal difference, we have one game to make a difference.

It's away at QPR, and rather annoyingly, I can't go. So it'll be another Saturday of watching the vidiprinter/listening to Five Live.

So, humble reader, keep an eye out for the football scores - I certainly will be.

Also, check this out, recommended by Scamp:

Pretty accurate, if you click on it.


Doug said...

i. hate. football.

(I'm a Leeds fan)

Will said...

I cannot mock Leeds fans. Any team that goes from the semis of the Champions League to being beaten by US 5-0 in a few seasons deserves sympathy.

That said, I really cannot stand Dennis Wise.

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