Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Praise be! Blogmusik is back!

Praise Be! Blogmusik returns!

Yes, it's fucked up my links for the songs of the week (click those bad boys for a laugh), but ne'er mind. It returns!


And yes, I will sing the Ship Song at some point.... by the way, here's the original - couldn't find the video, so have some crazy Pirates of the Caribbean on the go:

And yes, my singing voice (or lack of it) is like Cave's. Flat and deep. Hoo boy..


Marcus Brown said...

Brilliant isn't it? I bloody love Blogmusik. Have you seen the cool new tools?

Will said...

Nah.. just been typing in some artists. But I will. Oh yes.

Marcus Brown said...

you can now pluy songs directly into your blog. It's brilliant.

Marcus Brown said...

check my blog...on the right hand side. "Songs for the day"

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