Monday, April 16, 2007

More musical nonsense and cucumber sandwiches

Yada yada - thanks Dextr

It's all about more podcasts. Boo yah.

Check out the sidebar - you can now play them straight from the main page, which is nice.


Marcus Brown said...

yeah, yeah, yeah...but when are YOU going to do iPod Singing eh?

Will said...

Get me a video camera (or email and tell me how to do it) and it will be done.

Candidates include Nick Cave, Don McLean, The Who, or the Righteous Brothers with all of my housemates..

Marcus Brown said...

Don't you have a mac laptop in the office?

Will said...

Only Macs are for designers/creatives. I could ask the latter, actually.... hmmmm.

Btw, the fifth podcast has some kickarse live Enter Sandman.. pour vous.

Marcus Brown said...

Listen, (AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME TO THAT HUNTINGTON FELLA) it's the least that that bloody agency can do for you. Do it on their macs ... and on their fucking time.

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