Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gotta love slideshare ...

Slideshare really is excellent. Just registered with it, and I urge you to do so as well.

Great for putting random gubbins up on t'internet.

So I have. Here's a newly updated presentation 'Confessions of a Wannabe Ad Man' (which you also download from the sidebar):

And have a few brand positionings, while you are at it. I must say that these are VERY rough thoughts (some of them written on the tube/off the top of my head) but aye - just something to stimulate some conversation. I've probably got another 20 odd to talk about/publish, but here are a few - as for my thoughts on them, I still like the Kodak one, think the KFC one requires the brand to change perhaps a bit too much (but it could work), like the Mars one (though it is a bit generic) and I still like the Beano one. So here you are (again, you can nab it from the sidebar):

Let me know what you think about them both....


Rob @ Cynic said...

I don't know if your KFC idea is the best one I've ever heard ...

It's abit like saying being shot by a gun is "A HAPPIER DEATH THAN DROWNING OR BURNING"

... but then I can be a total shit sometimes.

Will said...

Ah, it was originally to do with the notion of how southern values apply to modern society - the demise of the family (yes, VERY pretentious).

It's a hard one to write, the KFC one. I do think it divides people though - as I say, it's the crappest positioning up there.

Hope you liked t'other slide show as well (and the albums, heh).

Rob @ Cynic said...

Just being a shit - but the important lesson is that while a prop has to be motivating to the masses [and the creatives] ... if it has no sense of believability, [even if only based on perception] then its chances of success are limited - even if creatively it leads to fresh work.

Sure this could have led to an educational based campaign [it certainly would tackle an issue head on] - but the words chosen lacked the energy and freshness that a fast food company needs to sell it's main asset - convienience.

The idea is EVERYTHING and while I get your background thinking, I think the idea wasn't a true encapsulation of where you were coming from or where you wanted to go.

Of course it is easy for me to spout and not offer an alternative, but I hope you take this in the manner it is meant. It's not to piss you off, but to gently encourage the crafting of the idea ...

Will said...

What was trying to indicate is that I think KFC (and Pizza Hut) has an offering which gives families convenience - there's something about chicken and the heritage (southern) which leads to a rootsy feel.

Basically, what lies within that mass of thinking is basically two thoughts, which are kind of inter-related.

Clarity needs to be tattooed on my retinas at times.

Energy is writing is what we all strive for - think I'll have a think about how to better choose my words..

Rob @ Cynic said...

Don't be too hard on yourself - you're still sickeningly talented at all this, despite only just starting. Bastard! :)

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